Cat Condo’s offer: Top & Bottom rooms with 4 shelf resting areas in each condo, private litter box area and a private enclosed sleeping area. (See picture of the condos in the photos section) Unit size is approx 8' X 4' , We supply the litter, liter boxes, food bowls, & clean beds.

Cat Condo prices start at: 

1 Kitty $28.00 per night   
2 Kitties $38.00 per night sharing the same condo unit                                                3 Kitties $48.00 per night sharing the same condo unit


Luxury Full Room Suites prices start at:

 1 Kitty $52.00 per night                                                                                                          2 Kitties $62.00 per night sharing the same suite                                                                3 Kitties $72.00 per night sharing the same suite                                                                4 Kitties $82.00 per night sharing the same suite

Please see VIDEO on THE HOME PAGE or Instagram & Facebook for Luxury Suites

Medication administered: 

$2 per day for sub q fluids and insulin shots
No Charge for pill administration

Payment Policy:  

When cat(s) are booked for stay at Kittyland Resort, pre-payment for the length of the visit is required. We accept cash, check or credit card (matercard & visa)

For example:  If the stay is 10 days you will pre-pay for those 10 days as you drop off your cat(s).  If your cat(s) stay is extended, we will ask for payment upon extension. If for some reason you pick up early, we will refund you the unused balance that you prepaid.

Holiday Peak Times:

We DO NOT INCREASE the rates during Holiday peak times.





Pampered Pet Sessions:
While the owner's away the cat must play! Treat your beloved cat to a Pampered Pet Session. Whether your cat enjoys quiet snuggle time or active play time we have a Pampered Pet Session that is just right!

Pampered Pet Sessions gives pets the kind of special love and attention they deserve. Sessions are customized to your pet and can include: 

  • Quiet Lap and Brushing Time
  • A game of toy chase
  • TV Time “Animal Planet” or a selection from our many DVD’s
  • Views of our beautiful fish tanks

Kitty Play Room Session - Don't worry about your cats being in their condos all day. We have a large, brightly colored playroom furnished with cat walks, cat tunnels toys and cat furniture for their entertainment. Cats are also provided video entertainment, from “Animal Planet” for visual entertainment, and plenty of human interaction. The amount of time each cat spends in the playroom is dependent on how many cats are boarding with us and if your cat wants to be in the playroom.

Teaser Play Sessions - Great for the cat on the prowl and can include teasing with a peacock feather, a mouse laser light, teaser toys, and more by our team of Cat Pamperers. 


Relax, Rejuvenate, Renew - GROOMING SERVICES NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME ~ We are proud to recommend VICKIE'S PAMPERED PETS 805-656-6999

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